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Who is Ava?

Ava was born October 22, 2009 and, to everyone’s surprise, she appeared to have Down Syndrome. Due to the fact that there weren’t indicators, and she was extremely healthy, testing was done to verify exactly what her genetic situation was. The tests did, in fact, confirm Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome. This means that she was born with an extra 21st chromosome, and there was no way to predict how it would impact her as she grew.  Delays were to be expected, but the significance of them was yet to be seen.


The other things that her family had yet to learn was the determination and spunk one little girl could have, as well as how much one tiny person can teach others. Not only did she work extremely hard to learn the things that other kids pick up more easily, but she did so with such an amazing personality. Ava absolutely loved other people and she showed everyone early on that she was a people person. As she grew, so did her outgoing personality. Due to her Down Syndrome, she started school at age 3. She was known almost immediately by staff and students because she would walk down the hall and smile, wave, and say “hi” to everyone she saw. It didn’t matter how lousy your day was, you couldn’t help but smile when you saw her. That’s who Ava was. She brought happiness to everyone she encountered.


When she passed away unexpectedly at age 6, her parents vowed that they would keep her memory alive and live every day the way she did. A short time after that vow was made, they decided to start a nonprofit organization to remember her and spread the kindness and love that she was known for. The special needs cheerleading team that she was part of coined the phrase “Live Like Ava” and that was the perfect name for it. To “live like Ava” means to bring light and happiness to those around you, even when you are facing challenges. It is what Ava did, and it is what Live Like Ava tries to do every day. We live with the daily challenge of not having her here, but we continue to do all we can to bring joy to others in any way we can. Please click the “What We Do” tab to see some of the things Live Like Ava has already done to help others. 

Thank you for visiting our page and reading Ava’s story. We hope you will join us in celebrating Ava and all she brought to those who knew her, as well as those who are learning about her now.

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